Meet Antonia Eggers, journalist, styling assistant and freelance fashion & beauty editor based in Berlin.

Nothing fancy: 4 apples type Granny Smith <3

I usually listen to audio books. One of my guilty pleasures is fantasy literature – as a kid I was obsessed with elves. I wanted to both be and marry one of them… kinda still do.

An ultimate yes to oversized blazers with extra bold shoulder pads and statement earrings. When it comes to fashion/design I like to focus on craftsmanship and pieces that last – in every aspect. Also, I can’t leave the house without my glasses..

Ich & mein Kleid“ by Bartholomäus von Laffert (Fluter, no. 76, Mode) – a text about fashion and what happens when it (unintentionally) becomes political.

I don’t really know what to say. But instead I want to remind everyone (including me): educate yourself, speak up, learn from mistakes, drink more water and never give up on what makes you happy.


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